CONSERVATIVE investment plan Daugava
*Average Weighted Profit % per annum for the last 10 years
Data 13.09.2019


Value increase of the fund’s share CONSERVATIVE investment plan Daugava

Compared to the previous day 3 month 6 month 1 year 2 years 3 years 5 years 10 years
Total return by the period, % 0.21 %2.77 %4.09 %5.77 %3.42 %3.28 %3.31 %4.19%
Net assets of the Fund 39 226 836.77 EUR
NAV per share 2.5851207 EUR
Average rating Ba2
Securities portfolio:
Yield to maturity 3.22%
Average maturity (years) 5.2
Share of equity securities 0.00%
Volatility 1.56%

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Fund CONSERVATIVE investment plan Daugava

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Industry Share in the fund
Government bonds 13.12%
Finances 10.44%
Oil, gas 5.53%
Pharmacy 9.77%
Car Manufacturers 8.22%
Tourism 1.37%
Airlines 9.38%
Telecommunications 2.35%
Trade 12.30%
Energy 6.12%
Transport and logistics 7.97%
Industry 11.19%
Cash 0.71%
Health Care 1.55%

Country Share in the fund
Latvia 13.75%
United States 2.72%
Canada 5.67%
France 17.34%
Sweden 2.45%
Netherlands 13.58%
Macedonia 1.79%
Bulgaria 2.22%
Turkey 4.04%
Brazil 1.62%
Finland 2.29%
Mexico 4.57%
Lithuania 4.46%
Jersey 3.20%
Romania 7.28%
Japan 2.35%
Hungary 0.63%
Funds 0.71%
Germany 8.92%

Issuer Share of issuers,%
ORANO SA 2.66%
AIR FR-KLM 3.52%
PEMEX 3.19%
MYLAN NV 2.87%
TURKEY 2.76%
REXEL 2.78%
Deposit PNB BANKA 3.24%

Calculator of surcharge to pension

Calculate the expected contribution to your monthly pension if investing, for example, in our plan PNB Conservative investment plan «Daugava»

Your age (from 20 to 64)
32 years
Your income after payment of taxes
1000 EUR
Contribution to your pension with yield 0% per annum:
169.2 EUR / per month
Contribution to your pension with yield 5% per annum:
463.24 EUR / per month


Ģirts Veģeris

Member of the management board.

In year 1989 graduated from Cēsis Secondary School No 1 majoring in physics and mathematics. In year 1994 was awarded BSc. Since year 1995 works in the financial sector.

Mr. Veģeris started with insurance company Balta, and continued his career in the investment management company LVA established by several of the largest insurance companies of Latvia. LVA was acquired by AS PNB Banka in year 2006.

He has been into the management of the investment funds since 2000. As of year 2003 Mr. Veģeris is the manager of the resources of the following Tier 2 pension investment funds established by IPAS “PNB Asset Management”: PNB Active Investment Plan ‘GAUJA’, PNB Balanced Investment Plan ‘VENTA’ and PNB Conservative Investment Plan ‘DAUGAVA’.


On 1 July 1999 the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) issued to IPAS PNB Asset Management a licence for management of the investments.

On 4 October 2002 the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) issued to IPAS PNB Asset Management a licence for management of the resources of the state funded pension scheme (Tier 2 pensions).

On 16 December 2002 an agreement on management of the resources of the state-funded pension scheme was concluded with the State Social Insurance Agency (SSIA).

Reg. Nr. 40003411599
Registration date 24 September 1998 
Auditor of Fund SIA PricewaterhouseCoopers 
Investment plan of the State-funded pension scheme “NORVIK Conservative investment plan DAUGAVA”
Registration date 19.11.2002
Custodian bank „Swedbank” AS
Auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers SIA
Investment plan category Conservative plan